Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Sometimes I swim in the Sea of Tranquility... and other times... the sea, she's a little stormy. So today I thought I'd write down my intentions and hopefully that helps me to stay focused on them.
My intentions for today are:
To sit and reflect for a moment.
Rest in the Now.
Feel gratitude seep through my bones.
Allow my inner calm to flow through me and spillith over.
Remember that I always have a choice when I comes to how I feel about things around me. So keep that in check, making sure they match my intentions.
And lastly but MOST importantly. Use my powers for good and not evil;-)

Friday, July 23, 2010

I got picked again:-)

YAHOO! I'm on another treasury! Seriously this is turning out to be a marvelous day:-)

Yesterday I expose myself!

(my latest painting)
OK, You naughty readers I don't mean literally I mean figuratively. I outed myself on facebook. Sharing with some of the people I know some of the things I dream about. I am REALLY uncomfortable with doing things like that. I don't like people knowing my inner heart. It makes me feel vulnerable. Did I mention I don't like that? I was going to share it here but then thought I could bring it to more peoples attention there. Now that I've done that and realized that the world didn't stop turning while everyone points at me and laughs. I thought I'd share it here to.

Anyone else heard of ? OK, she is doing something really cool right now but you have to put in an application to get picked. So this was mine:

I want to be on a team because I find it hard to stay on task and silence the self negative mind chatter. And having others encouraging me without looking a...t me weird for having "Lofty" dreams. "Our truest life is when we are in our dreams awake" by Henry David Thoreau. I intend to explore and embrace this statement... and see what happens. My dreams are to write a novel, become a yoga master, paint inspirational and emotion provoking art, as well as learn to sing well and play guitar. See, lofty I tell ya, considering I'm starting at square one with each of these;-) But I encourage and comfort myself knowing these are all possible things. And I'm thankful that I don't dream about colonizing Mars... That would be so much more work;-)

What do ya think? Damit, I knew I should have put in "Hurricane chaser!" Come on, who wouldn't want me on there team then. I would have been in for sure then;-)
I forgot to add my BIGGEST dream of all financial freedom so I can travel all over WITHOUT guilt! I even had a dream about it last night and had to rush off an email to to add it.

So there you have it. If any of you mama's haven't checked out Visionary Mom yet DO IT! You'll be thankful you did.

Monday, July 19, 2010

The day of a content soul

When paddles abandon you what else is a person to do?

My littlest boys... it's hard to get enough of them:-) The water was so nice and warm even I spent most of the time in it.

Pure contentment. Sun, warmth, a sandy beach, many friends... and a yummy carrot. Bliss.
After some time at the lake with friends we went to a bbq with my mom and family. Laughed lots and ate WAY too much. Came home, cleaned up and snuggled into bed very happy with sun kissed skin, full bellies and content souls. These are the days memories are made from.
In a rushed life sometimes it's hard to switch gears and slow down. But when I make my feet still for a moment, close my eyes and take that deep breath, I am always thankful I did so when I open my eyes again.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Me on Etsy!

I can't believe it! I only just opened my etsy shop yesterday afternoon and by the evening I was already featured on a treasury. Go me! lol. I'm loving this new experience and can't wait to see where this adventure leads me.

I've finally found an outlet where I can share my creations with others. (trust me I'm doing a happy dance here:-)
Here's the description I put with it.


This beautiful sweater is wearable art. It's warm, functional and totally inspiring. Like wearing a gypsy blanket.It's made from upcycled sweaters which I carefully reconstruct into these tantalizing Gypsy Travellers Coats.

It fits medium to large with a deep elvish hood. Just begging to be unleashed into the world and to follow you on many an adventure.

Many blessing to you in your life and travels,

Well there you have it. Let the creations begging to flow:-)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Visionary Mom

Ok here I come Visionary Mom. I maybe a tough nut to crack with doubt and self loathing my companions. But come hell or high water, I'm here and present... Lets do this!

Now what dream do I want to work on? So many choices... I think I'll have to think about it for a moment.

Location: British Columbia, Canada

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