Sunday, September 27, 2009

Come and take a look see

If you guys will take a moment and look to your left hand side of the screen you'll noticed I've changed some of the blogs I read some of them are pretty amazing like Katie and Maggie. And then there's the ever cool Rae. Shutter Sisters and Stephanie Roberts need no introduction their conection with Jen Lemen makes sense. Hope you guys enjoy these.

I am so weak!

All right, I give in to the sage advice from "Legs". I'm not going to give up coffee. I'm going to embrace it. Especially after trying this Vanilla Coffee creamer recipe from Alicia.
Yumm! But now what? This whole peaceful existing, inner calm, living the zen life is out the window. Unless there is some trick someone can teach me to doing my yoga while being all cracked out on caffeine. I am finding many of the poses challenging now. The crane pose when your all jittery is a nose bleed waiting to happen. hmmm... maybe coffee isn't my best friend...
coffee... yoga... coffee... yoga... hmm...
Vinyasa shm-inyasa! Aw screw it give me my frigin crack... um I mean coffee;-P

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ramblings from the coffee deprived...

Anyone miss summer as much as I do? I am one of these strange people who LOVES rainy days, but come on enough already. Just give me a few nice ones in a row. Ahhh gad!
Any coffee freaks out there? Ya you know who I'm talking to. You know when you wake up in the morning, your fumbling around with the coffee pot and cursing your self for not getting it ready the night before. Come on I can't be the only one who does that. You then shuffle over the the sink to get the water and proceed to some how get water up you sleeve (still not sure how that happened) Nothing like cold water in the morning to put a skip in your step... or maybe naughty words in you mouth;-) Shuffle back to the coffee pot and spill water from that stupid dribbly pot on to the bills and cookies beside it. Cause that's how you like your important papers and yummy cookies...water logged. You pause and take a deep breath. Mumble something incoherent because really that's all that comes out before that first cup of the day. Then you go and sit in your favourite chair waiting with that some glazed over look until you notice that's not the coffee a brewin' you smell but... ... no... your kidding right? Come on Universe are you kidding me?... Great!... That is the smell of dog poop. Good morning world. ARG!
Calm now, you tell yourself, be calm. You clean up said mess and and relax for a moment. Then you notice something else. Mmmm, it's ready. You rap your hands around that cup and feel the warmth travel up your hands almost like a big cuddly hug. You take in a deep breath and think to yourself, "yup I think this is probably what it smells like in heaven" There may have been angels singing I can't be certain though;-) Perfection in a cup. mmmmmm
Now considering how beautifully that trying morning went, why am I trying to give up coffee. Crazy talk I tell you.

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