Monday, July 19, 2010

The day of a content soul

When paddles abandon you what else is a person to do?

My littlest boys... it's hard to get enough of them:-) The water was so nice and warm even I spent most of the time in it.

Pure contentment. Sun, warmth, a sandy beach, many friends... and a yummy carrot. Bliss.
After some time at the lake with friends we went to a bbq with my mom and family. Laughed lots and ate WAY too much. Came home, cleaned up and snuggled into bed very happy with sun kissed skin, full bellies and content souls. These are the days memories are made from.
In a rushed life sometimes it's hard to switch gears and slow down. But when I make my feet still for a moment, close my eyes and take that deep breath, I am always thankful I did so when I open my eyes again.


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