Sunday, June 26, 2005

Lava Lake

Here is the beginning of our beautiful afternoon up the Nass valley. This is Lava Lake, not a great picture but there weren't many safe places to pull over. It's a crazy stretch of road. The lake is a beautiful shade of green. Very clean looking, something you can't quite capture with a picture. The lakes in this area are amazing, the air is so fresh and very clean and quiet here. It is a good for the soul kind of place. Posted by Hello

Vetter Falls

This was the beginning of our short walk to the falls, very nice. And of course with the helpful assistance of Taiya, as you can see we only brought the essencials like.... a bag full of Polly Pockets. I hear they are good for fending off bears.Posted by Hello


Good grief! Can't we just take one nice picture together where someone's not trying to run away, make a strange face or mommy looking like a goober? Oh well this is us at Vetter Falls. Very cute little falls, a nice place to have lunch (if you don't mind the mosquito's carrying off your small children) Posted by Hello

Lava beds

It was very awe inspiring to see up close how far the lava beds reach. They don't look like I remember them when I was younger. Before it was just the lava racks but now they are all covered in moss. It's from the dust from the dirt roads settling on them. It was still cool though. Posted by Hello

My brave family!

They are crossing a suspention bridge at Canyon city. It was wobbly, high up, and creepy... so I took the pictures of their brave act. Cowardly of me but an important job none the less. Posted by Hello

The voyage back!

They bravely make the trek back (seeing as the road was blocked off on the other side, they didn't have a choice but to do so, lol. Posted by Hello

We're alive.

Blake and Beau kissing the ground thankful they made it, of couse they are doing it in the very dramatic way Blake especially is known for. Posted by Hello

Two bare bums!

Oops I mean two 'bear' bums, lol. not that you can really see them but there are two back bears walking into the forest(Yes I can see that one of them is brown but look I didn't make-up these silly bear name rules. trust me it's a black bear).

Kevin was out of the van taking pictures of the totem poles when up on the road came a BIG black bear! "Kevin there's a bear" I say. (No I didn't yell it as my dh would have you believe) He jumps and rushes into the van.

Now I'm thinking wise move but Kevin gives me heck for scaring the (poop) out of him. "I thought you ment it was charging me"

Ok so it wasn't charging him, the poor thing was only trying to cross the road but....

Pardon me? Sorry it was only the biggest bear I've ever seen, it was only about forty feet away, and it was only coming towards us. I'll remember that next time I try to save his bacon >:-P Posted by Hello

Fatherly knowledge.

This was at Sand lake (funny but I don't see any sand do you? ;-) Kevin was imparting his fatherly wisdom upon the family as to the correct way to skip rocks. Very important stuff you know;-) I had to document the footage, lol. It was alot of fun even one year old Nam was trying. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I did it!!!

Yes! I finally did it! I finally figured out how to get my favorite links up on my blog. Yes I know for all those computer geeks out there, it's an easy thing to do but for the technically challenged (aka ME) such an endeavor takes months of planning, buckets of sweat and tears, and at times having to be medicated. OK it took me months of procrastination and about 20 mins. to actually do ..... But the pressure was intense ;-P

happy father's day!

Kevin just loved the shirt the kids made for him. I must say it looks pretty neat. We spent the day relaxing which was really nice for a change, lol. I tried to let Kevin sleep in but he wanted to get up anyways, oh well can't say I didn't try right:-) Posted by Hello

Happy Birthday Kevin!

Why is it that Kevin can't even take one normal picture? He has to make a silly face in almost everyone;-P

As you can see Kevin's birthday falls on father's day this year, lucky guy. Interesting how Nam's birthday will be on Mother's Day some years and Kevin's is on Father's Day some years. The kids and I decorated Kevin's cake and I just couldn't help myself, lol. The kids loved it and talked about it all day:-) Especially Seth but I think he loved talking about it because he could endlessly say "fart" without getting into trouble, lol.

We gave Kevin some money so he could buy some gardening"wha-cha-ma-call-its" (gardening is his new found hobby, now if only he was home enough to enjoy his new passion) but do you know what that stinker did...? ... can't guess? well he went shopping alright and bought stuff for a really GREAT dinner (cooking is his other passion). So that's what Kevin did on his Birthday/Father's day he took his birthday fun money and spent it on us and cook us a beautiful meal loved by all (no for really, not one complaint from the peanut gallery).

That day was a true expression of who Kevin really is and why we love him so much.

We love you Babe, don't ever change:-) Posted by Hello

Friday, June 17, 2005

Nam and Daddy

Nam was helping dad fix the dishwasher, FINALLY!!! lol. I was learning how much I appreciate my old dishwasher. For 2 months I had to do them by hand and at one point I had 2 extra kiddos staying with us (and Kevin was in camp of course). I can't believe how time consuming that much dishes are >:-P Oh well it's all good now and all I have to say about it is I am ready to sell my left leg for a dishwasher if need be, lol.Posted by Hello

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