Monday, August 30, 2010

This weeks intentions...

My goals this week are the same as last week... and that's OK.

-Keep the flylady routines going.

-Make at least two sweaters by Saturday for my etsy shop. I fixed my serger... had to call in re-enforcements though. My mom came and saved the day, AGAIN! Oh right, and again and again! It's been a week of learning for me. Breath in... breath out... relax. That was my mantra last week. I think I could probably build my own serger if I needed to now. Probably even out of tooth picks! AND IT WOULD ROCK, I TELL YOU! Oh wait, sorry, breath in... breath out... relax. Ahhhhhhh, sorry about that. Must still have some residual frustration ;-P

-Surround myself with inspiring words. To help keep the flow going.

-My treat to myself (after I have finished the 2 sweaters) is continue painting my dream board.

-And most of all I need to remember... I am exactly where I'm suppose to be, in a place of "concentrated effort".
My newest creation:-D I'm surprised it finally came together after the Great Serger War;-P

Here is a started collection for my next baby. The picture doesn't do it justice. That variegated purple has some yummy silver-ish yarn in it I can't wait to use it.
And yes that is a Storm Trooper laser gun. It's on lone to me by my 4 year old. Because I have heard from very reliable resources that the rebel alliance is gathering troops and could attack at any moment. It pays to be prepared people, safety first.

And here it is the beginning of my dream board painting. See I wasn't fibbing. I started and everything. This is also a small peek into my art room. Yes, I know it's a mess but I prefer to call it creative genius at work ;-)


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