Saturday, July 23, 2005

# 6

Well the secrets out, by around March 14, 2006 we will no longer be schaf5 anymore we'll be schaf6... hmmm, I wonder if that yahoo id is already taken, lol. Oh well I might have to come up with some other clever tag, like "brink-of-insanity" or maybe "crazey-acres" (sorry Marcy I couldn't resist;-) When I told Kevin he started laughing and said "I AM a god!" Silly guy. Yup we're pretty excited about it and so are the kids (of course, lol) But don't worry everyone I'm not trying to overpopulate the world, just out number the idiots;-)

Very cute

So this was Nam's first hair cut and I have to say she did wonderfully... not that you can tell from the not so strait line. Oh well that's what happens when they look around, lol. I heard someone say resently, how even though they see their children everyday they don't notice how much or how quickly they've grown until they see pictures of them. Well this would be one of those times. She's just so darn cute I just wana kiss her :-) Posted by Picasa

Nam's new hair cut Posted by Picasa

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