Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Happy Birthday Kevin!

Why is it that Kevin can't even take one normal picture? He has to make a silly face in almost everyone;-P

As you can see Kevin's birthday falls on father's day this year, lucky guy. Interesting how Nam's birthday will be on Mother's Day some years and Kevin's is on Father's Day some years. The kids and I decorated Kevin's cake and I just couldn't help myself, lol. The kids loved it and talked about it all day:-) Especially Seth but I think he loved talking about it because he could endlessly say "fart" without getting into trouble, lol.

We gave Kevin some money so he could buy some gardening"wha-cha-ma-call-its" (gardening is his new found hobby, now if only he was home enough to enjoy his new passion) but do you know what that stinker did...? ... can't guess? well he went shopping alright and bought stuff for a really GREAT dinner (cooking is his other passion). So that's what Kevin did on his Birthday/Father's day he took his birthday fun money and spent it on us and cook us a beautiful meal loved by all (no for really, not one complaint from the peanut gallery).

That day was a true expression of who Kevin really is and why we love him so much.

We love you Babe, don't ever change:-) Posted by Hello


Anonymous Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEVIN...from the prairie bratts!

8:27 p.m.  

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