Sunday, June 26, 2005

Two bare bums!

Oops I mean two 'bear' bums, lol. not that you can really see them but there are two back bears walking into the forest(Yes I can see that one of them is brown but look I didn't make-up these silly bear name rules. trust me it's a black bear).

Kevin was out of the van taking pictures of the totem poles when up on the road came a BIG black bear! "Kevin there's a bear" I say. (No I didn't yell it as my dh would have you believe) He jumps and rushes into the van.

Now I'm thinking wise move but Kevin gives me heck for scaring the (poop) out of him. "I thought you ment it was charging me"

Ok so it wasn't charging him, the poor thing was only trying to cross the road but....

Pardon me? Sorry it was only the biggest bear I've ever seen, it was only about forty feet away, and it was only coming towards us. I'll remember that next time I try to save his bacon >:-P Posted by Hello


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