Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Does this picture look familiar to anyone? Well, anyone with more that one child might understand what's going on hear. Last Saturday, I took the kids for a walk. We went to Goat creek and the beach seems to go on forever (great place the get drift wood). So as you can imagine we walk a fare distance, not too far that Seth couldn't make it ...or so I thought. We turn around to go back and that is when Seth informed me that he just couldn't make it another step, UGH! So as you can see I carried Seth and Nam the other half of the journey. Talk about poop me out, lol. But you know what? That wasn't even the frustrating part. Nam's FREAKIN' SLIPPERS wouldn't stay on her feet!!! Does it look to you like it would be easy to keep putting them on repeatedly?!?!?!

Well what matters is that the kids had a great time. We found some really funny drift wood, (ninja man, Gandalf staff and everything:-)It's so beautiful out that way, the scenery is amazing. I will definitely have to do that again:-) Posted by Hello


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