Friday, April 08, 2005


Well here they are my mom and Will just after saying there vows. That's the Lady that married them on the left (No, she's not married "TO" them them you silly boob. She officiated the ceremony)) Yes for all those who know the date, I am a bit behind with posting the picture but better late than never right?
I've got to show my mom this pict. she looks so young, don't you think? Don't worry mom I won't tell everyone how your 48 or anything. Oops ;-P
It was a beautiful ceremony. Taiya was the flower girl, Blake and Beau where the ring bearers and Seth an Axle walked her down the ile... ilse... ah frigin hell! You know the walk way thingy. I know, I know, it's hard to believe I have my grade twelve, lol. Carole and Sarah - no comments from the peanut gallery.
Got to run dh is making a yummy dinner, steak and prawns. I keep telling the kids that if they don't feel like eating dinner that's ok. It probably tastes gross anyways. But of course Blake has to ruin it all and say "Whatever mom! You're not getting my share!"
Hmmmm, we'll see about that;-) Posted by Hello


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congrats...I didn't know your Mom was engaged!!!! Wow! Tell her that the flatlanders all wish her the best!

9:02 a.m.  

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