Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Tough guy!

I was in the living room when I here Blake and Seth gettin g rawdy. Seth is using his gruff tough guy tone and Blake is laughing really hard. Blake would say, "You want a peice of me?" and then I can hear Seth, "You want a piece of meat? Bing it on!" ROFL! I see he is trying to emulate his big brothers' at every turn. So I deside to sneak around the corner and take a picture of their sillyness... well this it the picture I got. It pretty much speaks for itself, lol. Take about being caught red handed, eh? LOL. Thankfully he gets it taken off in a couple of days because he's starting to realize it makes a great club for someone you're trying to get the attention of.

Geesh,I tell you, what a month we've had First Seth's arm then last night Blake and Beau are racing each other down the hallway at there Nana's house and Blake hits the corner of the wall with his head and well 4 stitches later he's put back together.
I don't do well with such things, my stomack is a little wimpy. But when it's one of your babies, you know the drill. Have firm handle and act like it's no big deal. Thankfully the other adults there did the same thing. He was really panicing because it was such a mess and of course when we walked into the bathroom to get a cloth we had to walk past a morrior and he saw it for a moment. Anyone who knows Blake well knows he's a bit of a drama queen when it comes to things like this. He was wimpering until he saw himself and we had to calm him down, and do you know what he was worried about? Is the needle going to really hurt and... are they going to shave him bald in that one spot?
Poor guy, he is trying to grow his hair out and a demented blad spot wasn't going over well, lol. When we got back to his Nana's he told her very dramatically, "The dr. told me that the only thing that is going to save me is some of your dessert."
We had a good laugh over that and he got more dessert to bring home, the little stinker:-)

Well I'd better go, I have to go and pick up Kevin at Prince Rupert, at the airport, as he is coming home from camp. It's really nice out today, a perfect day for a long drive. Posted by Hello


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