Sunday, March 20, 2005

Thank god for Sundays...

Got to love that day of rest thinking, cause I'm defiantly into relaxing this afternoon. This morning we did our morning chores which took a bit longer because I forgot to put the dish washer on and wouldn't you know it but everyone wanted cereal this morning and there where no clean bowls. Nothing like starting off your relaxing day first thing with a sink full of dishes. Oh well it's done now. This morning we have some friends coming over with 5 extra kids. Yup, that's right 10 kids IN my house! Oh the insanity!!!!!! But seriously though it will be nice because after they leave we'll go do some shopping, come home have a tasty lunch, put something in the crock pot for dinner (maybe chili, we'll see) and the Taiya and I scrapbook the afternoon away. I can't wait she makes a great scrapbooking partner, she's very creative and loves to talk. That's my girl, lol. Well got to run and try to keep Blake focused on the task at hand... getting his stinky self into the shower and not get sidetrack bugging everyone.


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