Monday, March 07, 2005

My little wall crawlers

Seth spilled a water bottle on the couch and I lifted up the cushion so no one would sit on it... well this is what I found them doing instead. Silly monkeys, almost gave me a heart attack. Remember that Nam is only nine months old in this picture and got up there all by herself!!!!!

Wow time sure flies bye. Kevin is in camp again until the end of the month so things are getting back in the grove. I'm not sure why but the first day after Kevin leaves it always seems to be chaos and this time was no exception, lol. But no worries things are back to normal now.

Hmmm normal.... let me go over the last two months and talk about what has been going on here. First Seth fractured his arm, then on Valentines day Blake split his head open and needed 4 stitches (which surprised me that that was all he needed, I won't get into how grose it was) and then Beau sprained his knee at Ju Jitsu (poor guy cried for about 45 minutes). Thankfully Taiya is no where near as rowdy as her brothers, but I can already tell 2005 is going to be an interesting year, lol.

But on an up note Nam is walking (yes she's only nine months). She has been taking a few steps in between things but tonight she actually walked across the living room a few times. And of course the batteries in my camara are dead, argh! Blake had a slushy that she really wanted. He felt so bad because she was trying really hard to get it from him, following him everywhere, he's like "Oh come on Mom, you have to let me give her some now after all that hard work!" I tell ya she sure has her big brother wrapped around her little finger, lol. As to her walking early I guess she just needed the right motivation:-) Posted by Hello


Blogger Kuirinlahti said...

Hi Guys! I cant believe how big everyone is getting. I cant wait to see everyone! I really enjoy reading up on whats happing with the family.

Nikki and Erik

8:15 a.m.  

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