Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Careful, it's icy out there!

This is a picture of my driveway, but just to give you an idea of what the roads around here look like. It was so bad that the school busses were canceled and there was talk of preparing to keep some of the children over night at the schools because alot of the roads were closed. Talk about make me worry, but Blake and Beau were disappointed that they didn't get to have a sleep over inthe school gym.
Ya, right happy birthday to me! My babies are stuck somewhere without me because of bad weather... nope can't see that going over very well, no cake, no kids to make me laugh, yup that would be a real bummer. (don't worry guys everything worked out, we're all well and at home)
Oh did I say birthday? That's right I turned 30 today. With all the hype of the big three-oh birthday wise cracks I would have thought I would have started growing a beard or gotten a hip replacement or at the very least have my knee give out on me. Sorry that's a pop-shot at Kevin my big crybaby dh. It's a long story, rofl.(chel giggles to herself)
Anyways, after the roads cleared up a bit, I took the kids to swimming lessons and the over to my moms place were we had a delicious chili and yummy ice cream cake. Ugh, it was hard to not to hunch over the cake like a savage and grow at people, or I mean... what?!? Come on I can't be the only one who loves ice cream cake. Well after I restrained the breast within I got a cute card from them. har har very funny by the way. You're birthday's are coming along some day, and you'll get yours. I have a memory like an elephant ...or was that a mud skipper ... oh forget, it I can't remember. I also got a cool pair of sissors. No I not a goober, they are special quilting sissors not just any old things. I also got a computer chair, which my butt is telling me to say thank you for. Very comfy indeed. Lots of snuggles from my kiddos and a really nice phone call from my dh.
All in all a very strange yet nice day. Posted by Hello


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