Monday, January 17, 2005

My computer junkies.

Blake, Seth and Beau doing one of their favorite pastimes. They are only allowed to use the computer and playstation on the weekends (except for homework). Harsh, I know but I seem to have junkies on my hand and if I let them they would play with their electronics 24 and 7.
This weekend went quite nicely, we have friends that just moved back into town that we haven't seen in a while so we got to spend sometime with them, which was really nice. I went shopping at the warehouse and apparently everyone else had the same idea because it was insane. I thought to myself I'd better get out of here before it gets any worse... I waited atleast 15 mins. in line (no kidding and maybe even longer) because there was only two tills open. I would have left but I really needed diapers for Nam and milk. And just the thought of putting all the kids back in the van to go shopping somewhere else, gave me a headache. Lucky for me the kids were great... up until the very last second, right when I was putting the stuff on the counter, ugh. The cashier tried to make some joke about Seth being grouchy. Now up to this moment I hadn't said a thing just kept my happy face on and joked around with the kids, while other customers complained very loudly (and rudely I might add). All I did was look at her (I'm sure it looked like I was going to snap her head off in about two seconds), I'm like, "You might want to back up before you get some of this on you!!" ... Well ok I didn't say that but I was thinking it very loudly, LOL. It must have done the trick though because she said, "Bad joke, sorry." I just pasted on that nice smile again and said "It's ok, we all get grumpy sometimes."
Well off we go to load up the van, and holy crap man, we race to the van (of course the kids are laughing like crazy thinking moms a nut), I stuff them in then go around back to put in the groceries and I kid you not, I almost got frost bite. You know it's cold when you have to turn you're head away from the wind to catch you're breath. Yup it was -35 degrees Celsius. Now at this moment others might have said forget the cart man I'm starting to lose fingers. But ooohhhh no, not me, I may only have 3 fingers left by the time I'm done but I getting that frigin quarter back!( don't ask why, I probably had frost bite on my head). I get back in the van and Seth is screaming, "I have to go PEE!!!!!" That's when I realize, yup it's confirmed, Hell has frozen over and I am the three fingered gate keeper. Posted by Hello


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