Thursday, January 13, 2005

The view out the front of my house.

I realize this isn't the greatest picture but trust me it's beautiful. Minus the neighbors house, not that it's not cute or anything, but it does disrupt the view, lol. Now why would I send this picture out? I just had to tell everyone how cold it is here this morning.
It is about 9:30 am and -34degrees Celsius,. For my American friends that's about, now don't quote me exactly, but that's about -28 degrees Fahrenheit. BBBRRRRRRR!!!! I I braved the Artic outflow just to get this picture to you. Doesn't it some what resemble the artic waste lands? You know when you go outside on a cold winter morning and the snow crunches under your feet? ...Well things were making cracking, creaking noises. It was a little unnerving and well... a little creepy, lol.
Have a great day everyone wish me luck one not freezing into a little "Chel-sickle" or you might not here from me until spring;-) Posted by Hello


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