Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Blake turns 11

Can you believe it? January the 1st Blake is 11! My new years baby is turning into an old man... or is it me turning into an old man. Geesh can't tell anymore, time to get out the bleach, lol (sorry lady's did I accidentally let our secret out ;-)
We had some people over for new years eve and my mom brought over a cake for him it was great.... but I forgot candles and this was all I had. So it looks like Blake is now retirement age, wow time went by quick, lol. Blake thought it was really funny.
On to more current news, I got a wisdom tooth pulled today. It wasn't bad at all, I was very lucky, cause I have heard so real horror stories. Then took Blake, Beau and Taiya to swimming lessons, ran home and through together dinner. Which I have to say was very tasty. How do I know that? No one was talking, so no one was complaining and seconds were requested. And I put dinner right away after dinner because I was getting a little out of control. My taste buds said "More! More!" and my ass said "Stop you're killing me!". I tell ya, I could eat spaghetti every night of the week if I could talk to kids into it ;-)
I learned an interesting tidbit that I thought I'd share with the masses, North Korea is implementing this new appearance law that everyone must have a nice clean hair cut that is short. Apparently they say the long hair sucks all the nutrients form the brain....
Ok guys, I'm done for, I just got my wisdom teeth pulled and I have long hair!! Posted by Hello


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