Sunday, January 09, 2005

Friggin' door knobs!

Ok you know when you have a Bad day, the kind that you shake your fist at the sky or bang your head on the floor over and over again (or both)? And then you sit done and need to vent but there is NO ONE to vent at!?! Welcome to my world!
Blake and Beau spent the night at there dad's and so I thought Taiya, Seth, Nam and I would just relax today. You know, read books, do crafts and basically chill out. Well Seth and Nam were sleeping with me and Seth must have said to Nam, "Look at mom. Doesn't she look all comfy sleeping?"
"Yeah, too comfy." Nam says evilly
"Let's get her up."
5:30am my day starts... Oh well lets make the best of this. I put on a pot of coffee, feed the masses, read some e-mails, shower up the monkeys (which Seth still figures I'm torchoring him, and put on my brand new jeans (I love the first wearing of clothes, lol). It's an absolutely beautiful day (forget that it's -25 degrees Celsius).
"hey Taiya, lets go visit Nana, get some tasty muffins and come home and do some crafts?" YEAH!!! Seth and Taiya and stoked. We get ready to got Taiya opens the door (or I mean tries to open the door and the door knob falls off.
Oh man! Talk about bad timing. Sorry Nana no visits today we have to go shopping for a stupid door knob. It's one of those things you can't really put off... kind of important.
When we get home, I wrestle it to get in the door, give up , kick the door, curse, then go around back so thankful that I remembered to leave that door unlocked in case this happened.
"OK, I'm ready for yah" and go to it ready to make Bob Veela look bad...
To make a long story short This is a freak of a door and the whole thing must be replaced or moved, both of which are out of my talent range.
OK calm down!... breath... breath. Ok thankfully I have bought a new door knob because I now have to replace the broken back door knob. I don't know what I was thinking but I forgot to open to the door while I was doing ot and the door knob falls off.... NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!
"OK GOD I get it. I must practice patience today. I race out the front door all the way around the house to the back and praying Seth doesn't lock me out or I'll never get back in.
No worries everyone I fixed it and I am sitting door now not touching anything and I have just noticed that I have grease al over the front of my brand new pants. Where did it come from? At this point does it really matter? LOL. Just hoping I make it through the rest of the day, lol.
Note to self: I'm not Bob Veela!


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