Monday, September 25, 2006

My Hero's

Anyone who takes my place at the sink definitely gets a hero cookie as far as I'm concerned. I just had to take a picture of this momentous occasion. My big boys are growing up. *sniff, sniff* Their very first time doing dishes. Yes I know Blake is 12 (almost 13) and Beau is 10(almost 11)... we are just late bloomers in this house, lol. But there was hardly any complaining and that's what made this a special event... for me anyways;-)
And as you could see Blake is not wearing a shirt, well we wouldn't want to get dish water on his skater shirt, that would almost be blasphemous. And between you and me if I see his ginch hanging out like that one more time, it might lead to drastic measures... like maybe a serious wedgy.
If you know Blake even a little you'd know I'm joking because he's so demented that he'd probably laugh and say something like "Thanks mom, that feels so much better" and walk around like that just to drive me crazy. (he likes to get the last laugh... jerk;-)
A friend of mine once came to me all distrot, "Michelle, your not going to believe this. L came into the front room last night and started talking to her dad and I... out of her butt!!!! She's only three where on earth would she have learned such a thing"
All I could do was look at her and say" I am SOOO sorry ... Blake taught her that" and how did I know this you ask? Because he was doing it every chance he got (he was 6 at the time). I had thought I might get through this faze of his life with out public such luck...;-)
Then there was the time that I picked him up from singing lessons (he was five or six) and his teacher said quietly "Can I speak to you a moment?" Never a good sign. Turns out Blake mooned her and thought it was very funny. Thankfully she did to but thought better of telling him that and encouraging the insanity that is him. Again a moment I died a little of embarrassment, not because he did it but because I had to apologize by saying "I'm SOOO sorry. He thinks it's really funny because all the males in my family with there warped sense of humor think it's funny and wave theirs about with great pride. Ugh!
So there you have it, part of the essence that is Blake. And Beau is right there taking note and teaching his young padiwan(aka Seth) the proper way to execute the "fart in someone's face" punishment.
Ugh, boys'. Thankfully I have a couple of girls... oh wait I forgot the warpness must be genetic because they are showing signs of it to.


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