Thursday, July 27, 2006

And then I blinked

This is my big guy Blake... he's 12 now. Can you believe that? One day I'm laying in bed catching some morning time snuggles with my beautiful baby... and then I blink and he's turning into a young man and climbing mountains with his brother and his papa. Where does the time fly and how am I ever going to get over the fact that babies grow up? And to time I have 5 others to watch grow up...
I've learned that becomeing a parent is about letting go. They grown up and away from us into these amazing people. Some how, I'm not sure why, but somehow I was the one chosen the be his mother. Of all the other mothers and all the other families to choose from, I was the one that was chosen... ME! I'm not sure why I'm so lucky but to be the one who gets to help him along the way and watch him grow into this amazing person. It is truely a humbling expirience and everyday I say "thank you" to the powers that be, that I was the one to be given this gift.
With six children I am constantly mistified by how unique they each are and as much as I revole in their younger years, it just makes my heart swell as I watch the people they are becoming.
My children are as imperfect as everyone else's... but that's what makes the perfect to me... just the way they are.
My thought for the day is stand back and watch your loved ones. Don't judge them in what they are doing, just take a moment and watch them.... they're amazing and you to will be struck by the thought "how did I get so lucky?"


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