Saturday, September 02, 2006

Can you believe school is starting already? Here's Blake at the skate park with Kevin and the other kiddies. I was looking at these pictures from the summer and I can't help but notice how big he's getting... he's going into grade 7. Ugh, my heart is breaking. Next thing I know he'll be leaving my to travel the world,*sniffle,sniffle*

On the topic of traveling Blake has been invited to go down south and compete in a Ju Jitsu competition in the spring. I know, crazy hey. It'll be a lot of fun.... now Kevin and I were planning on moving...3 hours away Makes training of the competition a little unrealistic. So it sounds like we are going to stay put until after the spring and then we'll put the house back on the market and go from there. Oh the things we do for our children. Or at least that's the plan

So now you guys now know what are moving plans are... or aren't lol. SO STOP ASKING ALREADY!!!! lol.


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