Thursday, January 06, 2005

Six weeks:-(

Posted by HelloKevin and Seth this morning, getting in one last snuggle :-)

Well Kevin left for camp today. He'll be gone 6 weeks this time, UGH!!!! Let's see who makes it out alive, me... or my kids, lol.
Lots of things going on here as I'm sure it is with everyone else. But I have a strange story to tell. I went to the book store to buy kevin one for his stocking and as I'm looking around I notice that"The Da Vinci Code" book by Dan Brown is on sale. I didn't want to buy it (for me) before because it was $40 and I didn't realize that it was a thriller (not my cup of tea shall we say). Anyways as I'm thinking about all the good thing people have been saying about it, I notice someone I know. As I am talking to S, this book comes falling off of the shelf(a good distance away which is really the strangest part). S looks at me with this"huh?" look on his face. I picted up the book and said, "looks like some ghost around here wants you to read this." He giggle and we say good bye.
Then I started to think about it, this isn't the kind of book I'd read but Kevin might enjoy it. So I buy it, wrap it up and put it under the christmas tree. Then I started thinking Kevin might unwrap and a say, "why on earth would you buy me a book that you wanted to read?". So now feeling guilty I unwraped the book and put it on my book shelf. Then I felt even worse for unwraping it so I felt like I had to confess to some kind of crime. I tell Kevin about the whole thing and he just laughs and says ya, sure I'll read it. (that bugger, I should have just gave him the book to begin with)
He was planning on taking it to camp with him but I thought I'd take a peek at it... next thing you know I can't put it down. Well the book is here with me and Kevin is bookless in camp,lol.
"The Da Vinci Code is really well written and utterly fasinating. It is a story which was well reaserched. I talks about PHI, 1.618 The Divine Proportion. REALLY fasinating!!!
I hear Nam calling me so I'll have to talk at ya later. Anyone who has read this book already I would love to hear about it.


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