Saturday, November 27, 2004

Ju Jitsu Competion

Finally this weekend is winding down...I hope. I'm reading this book on possitive thinking and I sure put it to work this week, lol.

Well Kevin's still in camp yup , you heard me right he's in camp again, yippy! He left on Monday afternoon and was suppose to be back Thursday night. Which was cutting it pretty close because the competion starts friday night. Then he calls Wednesday night and says they are stay in and not sure when they'll be back but it won't be until after Saturday night. WTF!!! I mean, that's ok, it'll give me the opportunity to dust off my supper mom cape.

SoI call my mom and see if she can watch Seth, (she just had surgery, she's fine but just can't pick anything up) and like a trooper she saved the day. I can't say "thank you" enough, just thinking about bringing him gives me a headache. Picture this, try to keep a two year old who likes nothing better than getting rawdy with his brother's, now say no you can't go on that HUGE mat that your big brothers and where over 50 other big kids are wrestling around on. Hmm, let me tell you it doesn't go over very well. He just wouldn't understand that it was too dangerous for him but safe for the big guys, lol. To him it all boils down to "Mommy is just mean!". I only had to take Nam (as Taiya stayed with her Nana with Seth), yes I had to hold her the whole time but she was so good I didn't mind.

How did they do? Well I'm glad you asked.Friday night Beau got a Bronze in Khata (sp?) and a Silver in Imposed Movements. Then Saturday Blake got a Gold in Grapling but then went home a lunch because he didn't feel well. Funny thing though on Saturday Beau got a gold in Grapling to. They are in diffenent age and level groups, so it's nice they don't have to compete against each other. And then Beau got a Silver in Sparing. They did great and really had a good time.
We started this morning I got up just before 7 am, oops I slept in, oh, well. I run around crazy waking kids up changing bums and cooking breakfast. Yes I though, "I don't have enough to do this morning, I think I'm cook everyone breakfast", lol (we ran out of cereal). Nam took forever to eat, which is weird because she usually gobbles everything down.(later in the day I find out she's getting more teeth and that's why). Then throw together dinner and put it in the crock pot (aka "gift from the gods" :-) ) for later. Then make sure the big kids are ready yet (at times I wonder if the will be 20 and I'll still be saying "Are you dressed yet, did you brush your teeth yet? Look at that bed head, do something about it!") Pack 2 different diaper bags, one for Seth at Nana's house and one for Nam with me. Then look at the clock " Holy &%#*$%^, it's 8am we are going to be late!" run into the bedroom get dressed throw my hair up (thanking all that is good for ponytails) and fly out the door while tring to convince Seth the world will not come to an end if he can't find his yellow gum boots. Get to my Moms about 8:15am drop off Seth and Taiya, making sure to check one more time that she was feeling up to it. Then off to Tim Hortons for my "Caffine Fix". And made it to the competition at 8:29, just in time for warm-ups.

All is well until lunch not much time because I have to go home cause I forgot the camara. So we go through MacDonald's, yuck! But to the boys' I'm a hero, lol. Then we get home and eat lunch, which I promptly and acurately drop ketchup and mustard on me. But I have to make sure I do a good job cause if you're going to make a mess might as well do it right. I got it on my sweater, t-shirt and jeans. time for a new out fit anyways, I was thinking this sweater colour just wasn't doing it for me anyways and you know how much I love to do laundry. It's more like a hobby than a chore to me.

Blah, blah, blah, at the end of this long story we come home, eat dinner which everyone complains about, I write this blog and now I'm going to put the kids to bed and stare blissfully at the wall.

Some how this possitive thinking just seems to come across as sarcasum. Oh well, it works for me ;-)


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