Sunday, November 21, 2004


Geesh, busy, busy, busy, but I have a slower moment and I thought I'd give an update.
Kevin came home on the 16th. and you'd swear that a super star entered the building, lol. Everyone was laughing and talking (loudly, I might add) all at the same time and all to Kevin. How can you not lagh watching the spectical, lol. and this went on for, at the very least, 20 minutes. They were saying things like"Dad come look at what I did to my room!", "Dad can you play Risk with me!", "We missed you dad!", "Pick me up Daddy!","Dad, did you bring home the playstation?". You know all the important stuff,lol. And it's been busy ever since.
Guess what we got yesterday???? A NEW COMPUTER!!!!! YIPPY!!! Opps sorry did I sound excited there? Having to limp my way around with my older than dirt other computer was challenging even on it's good days. Now the kids get to have it, MAWHAHA!!! Now where did that evil laugh come from, it certainly wasn't me>;)
When Beau found out that we were going to give them the old one he couldn't stop saying, "That's not fare, it doen't even work!" I couldn't help but laugh...he didn't see the humour in it,lol. "Don't worry about it sweety we're going to get the computer wiped and re-done and then it should be ok to use. He didn't look convised but drop the subject, so I guess that will do.
Then on to getting my DVD handy cam to work on it... I looked at the instructions and it looked pretty staight forward and started the job, then Nam needed me so Kevin took over. He was doing a pretty good job but then asked me a question and like a dope I told him to do something he wasn't suppose to and well, you get the idea. I lead him astray and messed things up. But in my defense he knows I don't know anthing about computers and I didn't have to instrutions in front of me so what the frig did I know???? Ya, that's right, it's all his fault. Even though he almost blow a fuse trying to fix it, lol. Ok maybe I'm a little sorry... but I didn't drive him crazy on purpose...>;)
WEll pictures will be be up soon...I hope, as soon as I figure it out.


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