Sunday, October 31, 2004

Newbie Poster

Well this seems a little strange but we'll give a go anyways.

It's Halloween and things have finally slowed down... for a moment anyways,lol. Seth has decided that he is afraid of all noises when it's time to go to bed. He keeps telling me there is a bear in his room, poor guy. Last night he was just breaking my heart. I'd get him calmed down and a couple of minutes later he'd he'd start screaming "MOMMY HELP ME, HELP ME!!!!!" So I'd go rushing back in and calm him down again. After a while (he went to bed at 8) at about 9-9:30ish I gave up and brought him into bed with me Taiya and Nam (Blake and Beau were at Terry's for the night and Taiya wanted to do something special with me and this was what she chose) after about another half an hour of explaining every single noise to him he finally zonked out.

And then there was tonight... the sympathy factor wears off fast when instead of screaming "Help me mommy", he's yelling "You get back here Mommy". Geesh, I tell ya that kid makes me lmao and pull my hair out at the same time,lol.

Oh well, on to the next day,lol. Anyways, Halloween's, always a favorite in our house. Blake was a skeleton/skateboader, Beau was a beat up rodeo rider, Taiya was a cheetah (constantly reminding me they don't meow or roar like other cats, they chirp...thank you Kratts brothers,lol), Seth was "Bath boy" - the only thing he would let us put on him was this old bathrode of Blakes that had a cheetah print on it,.fine by me I figure that he can be "bath boy" but ooohhh no! "Me a monkey!" he'd say..... not sure how he thought of that but sure I'll go with that,lol. And Nammy was minny mouse, and one of the cutest ones I ever did see,lol.

We went and did the rounds and Seth was just amazed that if you go up and knock on someone's door and say "trick-or-treat" they will give you candy. That reminds me, I'll have to remember to keep a close eye on him for a while and make sure he doesn't get any ideas,lol.

Nam is just learning how to crawl and was in he glory at the sight of all these shiny things on the floor waiting for her to grab. She was making a mad dash before anyone tries to stop her and the big kids were laughing like crazy trying to clean up as quick as they could. ...Why is it we always remember after the fact that that would have been great to have on handy cam???? Well off to bed for me :-)

...Hey! remind me to tell you about my stupid kitten and him getting his head stuck in a hanging plant basket (and yes believe me it really can so happen) and then he sneaks marbles to my 5 month old baby...


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