Thursday, November 04, 2004

The Cat...

Well it's about 3:30 pm and the big kidds are going to home soon. So since I have a quick quiet moment for a post. Did all my running around this morning, library and thrift store drop off, food shopping then off to Walmart to pick up some halloween pictures. And no I still haven't figured out how to get them on this web page but soon I hope. There are some funny ones of Blake as snowwhite,lol.

Then we came home and putt everything away (why does that seem to take so long to put things away?). Then we had this really great sandwich for an early lunch, surprizingly Seth loved it to. Then did my morning chores, sat down for a cup of tea for about 10 mins. and Julie and her son came over and we had a really nice visit.

After they left I went down stair to do my 3rd load of the day only to realize that I forgot to turn on the drier. Grrr, i hate when i do that. Play with Seth and Nam on the floor for a little bit and now here I am :-) Well have Ju Jutsu later tonight but that's no bigger. All in all a pretty relaxing day.

Now on to the question about my freak of a cat. OK I realize I might not have picked the smartest kitty in the litter. Why you ask? The other day I was upatairs (actually, trying to figure out this blogspot stuff) when Blake, Beau and Taiya, who are down stairs, start screaming! And I mean really screaming and as I'm racing down the stairs I hear Blake yelling "Hurry! Go get Mom!"

Now I'm expecting to see a limb missing or something along those lines... but when I get there... I see Blake running twards me with this Stupid, stupid Cat with it's head stuck in between the wire of a hanging plant basket!!!! My first thought was, "I must not be seeing this right, it just doesn't make sense, how did that happen????" My second thought was oh great! How much is this going to cost me?" That Kitten was fine by the way it just looked really weird.

Since I don't have any wire cutters, I tried to discreetly call my father in law for help me but of course he wasn't home. I had to call him down at the shop and ask for help. So I pack up the kids and dumb cat into the van and off we go. And all the way there, hoping no one else is there the watch the spectical. To make a long story short he was there and helped out but you know I'm going to hear about this for a long time to come. Oh well, nothing beats the putting desil in the gas tank of my car, ugg now that was embarrassing.

To make up for saving his furry butt, Hemmingway (the cat), has desided to be helpful andbring gift to Nam. Actually he brings her marbles. Yes that's right my kitten brings my 5 month old baby marbles to play with. Why does he do that? I don't know. Where is he getting them? Good question I don't know that either. I think he has a stash somewhere,lol.

Who need a babysitter when you have such a helpful cat like mine, lol.


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