Thursday, November 11, 2004

Kung-Fu Kitty

Lets see now what's going on over here...? Kevin will be home from camp soon, on Tuesday actually... that is as long as weather permits it. Gees, this has been a long haul this shift. Not only was he gone the 28 days but they kept him an extra 7 on top of that... yup your math is correct, 35 days without dh. Don't be surprized if they find me as a drooling, babbling idiot by the time he gets here, lol. It's not the kids, believe it or not it's the nights that drive me nutts'o. Everyone is in bed by 8 and I have no one left to talk to but Nam and quite frankly she says she's tired of all my insesent babble, lol. And now she's even being a party pooper and falling asleep before 9. Oh well more time to do chores, cause that's what I like to do with my alone time (did you notice the scarcasm in that one,lol).
Blake and Beau traded rooms yesterday and actually it didn't take as long as I thought it would, but since this is there first night in their new spaces well see how long the are happy. Or more to the point how long Blake is happy, lol. Poor guy must have been a Nomad in another life, because he loves switching rooms. Lucky for him we have a big house,lol. (lucky for Taiya she has a pink room, so he won't bug her for it,lol).
Hey I have a question, My idiot kitten thinks it's tougher than Taiya (who is almost 7 by the way), has anyone else ever encountered such madness? An example might be all the kids are playing in the front room (yes, Nam to), if he wants to get in on the mayhem, 9 times out of 10 he will stock her. He sneeks up on her and latches on to her arm, foot, leg, head, whatever looks the most tasty I guess. Taiya screems, pushs him off and tries to hit him (note i said "tries"? she's not that tough, lol) and he looks at her (no joke) like "Oh ya, that's what I'm talkin' about! You want a peice of me?" and swats at her. Then I have to step it and break them up... that is once it get up off the floor cause the whole seen has the rest of us laughing so hard.He doesn't actually hurt her, I wouldn't tolerate a mean cat, but like I said she's not that tough and is very dramatic... maybe that's it he enjoys the show,lol.


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