Saturday, November 06, 2004

Bike # 5

Bike # 5 has been official stolen from our yard. In the eight years that we have lived here this is the fifth bike that has been stolen and who's bike would it be... Yup, you got that right, Blake's! Of course, my most dramatic child. Unlike other people I rather enjoy throwing money out (that was sarcasm in case you missed that). I am annouyed... and that's all I'm going to say about it.
I would like to tell you this little story anout the crazy mom turned poodle sniper (aka me). Last night at midnight on the dot, my neighbor, who breeds poodle's, must have decided that "hmm you know what Spock (one of his dogs), it's too quiet outside. I think our friends would enjoy some of your delightful chatter, say for about ummmm, 15 minutes? And hey lets be helpful and give them a wake-up call at about 6am. No one really wants to sleep in one a Saturday morning anyways. Thanks buddy, they will thank us I'm sure"
Ohhh yaaaaa, I'd like to thank him alright, with my boot right in his @%$#^.
Sorry about that, I'm a little cranky today... Well that was the beautiful start to my weekend after that the rest of the day was pretty lad back.
Yesterday was Friday and Paid Day. Which means pizza/movie night. And all the moms out there know what that really means, "No cooking for mom!"Yahooooo!
We started the day with banking, kiddos where thrilled about this. Oh did I forget to mention The schools are closed on Fridays where I live? Yes they seem to think one less day of school a week will help grade scores (don't get me started on that one,lol). Anyways all things considered the kids where great (I'm thinking it was the pizza threats I was using,lol).
Last thing on the list was walmart. All I had to do was get Shrek 2 and get milk. But that's not all I left with. How did that happen? So much for saving money by going there. Then cause the kids were so good I got them some doughnuts.
And as I sit here with buyers remorse, I realize the time and see that Blake and Beau are still up watching movies. Looks like I'll have to skip my yoga for the evening...again. Oh well I guess I'll go have a doughnut, anyone want to join me?


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