Monday, November 01, 2004

Laundry Monster

Today I was attack in the safety of my own dressing room by my dammed evil closet organizer. Can you believe that it had the gaul to just fall on me completely unprevoked, the nerve! After I was done cursing at it I sat down and thought for a moment. "This isn't going to work is it? You're going to fight me until the bitter end aren't you?" Not used to getting beaten, I sure showed it, I ripped what was left of it off the wall (well actually there was only a couple of screws left and I took them down very carefully as to not damage the drywall anymore... but I did it with an anger look on my face)and marched it back upstairs (to wear it actually was before) and set it up right this time. Picture this me, a level, a pen and a measuring tape, but wait I was holding Nam and Seth was running into me with his tricycle (ya funny guy or at least he thought he was,lol).
After re-setting up the dressing room...again, lol, and it looks mighty good I might add, I realize that something just didn't look right. Oh right, the function of a closet organizer was to organize clothes.
Back down stairs I go, to the bowels of purgatory... the Laundry room! I haven't been keeping up with it much this week and now it's out of control. Small children have gone missing in those mountains, we sent in a search party after them and now they're gone to,lol. I've come to terms with the fact that it's the dreaded "Laundry Monster", waiting amongst the mountains to snatch-up and eat people who venture too close. Well time to put on my laundry shackles and get to work. If I don't come back to try to save me, just run, save yourself!!!!

Well that's what I did November 1, 2004. What did you do?


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