Thursday, October 09, 2008


Owlhaven put up a very interesting link up on her blog to ET at Titus 2:3-5. It was is interesting to hear what others are paying for gas and grocries so I thought I'd throw some numbers out there.

After going through some old receits I had I was surprized to see how much prices have gone up in the last few months. I don't have all the prices figured out but this is what I have so far.

So, in northern BC...

Gas - $1.269 per litre Canadian (or $4.19 per gallon US)

Milk: $4.19/ gallon (3.66 us)

Eggs -$2.49/ dozen (2.17 us)

10lbs potatoes -$3.99 (3.48us)

Apples -$1.29/lb (1.13 us)


Bananas- $.66/lb (.57 us)

12 oz salad greens- $3.48 (3.04 us)

Cucumber-3 for $3.98 (3.47 us)


Carrots- $3.49 for a 2lb bag (we buy organic baby carrots) (3.04 us)

Ground beef-

Chicken– boneless skinless - $4.49 lb (3.92 us)

Pork chops– $4.99lb (4.36 us)


Roast beef- $2.99 lb (2.61 us)

Cheese-$9.97 for 907kg (2lb) of medium cheddar (8.70 us),

$4.48 for 400g (1lb)grated pizza mix cheese (3.92 us)

1 lb of butter- $3.45 (3.03 us)

box of mac and cheese like KD–

pkg of cookies like Oreos- maybe $4 (canadian)? I don't buy them very often.

can of beans

can of tomatoes–

pkg of pasta–

pkg of frozen veggies like peas or corn-$2.47 for 2 lb (2.16 us)

tin of coffee- $7.99 for 2 lb (6.97 us) not great coffee but not bad coffee

12 double roll toilet paper- $6.99 (6.10 us)

Some extras I thought I'd throw in here are...

Flour - 5kg (11 lb) $6.98 (6.09 us)

white sugar - 4kg (8.8 lb) $3.89(3.40 us)

Tuna - 170g (6oz) $1.49 (1.30 us)


Blogger ET @ Titus2:3-5 said...

Hey, we're totally the same in Central AB! I'm so glad you stopped in and joined in the fun. :)

6:54 p.m.  

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