Monday, September 17, 2007


Guess who? no it's me silly. Yes I know this blog has been feeling a little abandoned but here I am again with an update in the insanity which is my life;-) Well July was full of summer/busy/kids taxiing blah, blah, blah. August we moved into our rental so that month was full of unpacking (remember our stuff was in storage for 5 months at that point). It's been a little like Christmas for the kids, lol.
Quite an undertaking, I might add as this place is half the size of our old house so I quite literally have to get rid of half our stuff. At first the thrift store was happy to see the donations coming in but then they seemed to start looking at me odd. probably thinking "Geesh, where is the end of this ladies stuff? Either she's a a hoarder who has jumped on the Flylady band wagon or she's REALLY mad at her family." ...the could have been looking at me funny because I was arriving at the butt crack of dawn unloading the goods like I'm some thief in the night trying to get rid of the evidence... which might be partly true... what they don't notice won't hurt them much, right? oh don't scoff at me like you've never done it. And come on, how many old broken mcdonalds toys and hot wheels without any actual wheels does one sane family need... don't ask just trust me it was a lot of trips to the dump to.
On a brighter note, my life feels much lighter and we are all moved in...
On a darker note, I just heard from the owners that they are putting the place up for sale. One might think I raised my fist to the sky and shouted "FOR THE LOVE OF PETE! CAN'T YOU JUST THROW ME A FREAKIN' BONE HERE?" Well I didn't. I wished them success in this next part in their lives and not to worry about us as I'm sure something will work out.... then I hung up the phone and found a cold pack to put on the newly developed twitch in my eye.
Don't you wish you were me? No? not even a little? oh well, at least my life is always interesting;-P


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