Thursday, June 07, 2007


I don't know what's going on, lol. I've kind of learned to just roll with it when it comes to my life ;-)
We have an apt. in Queensway and that's under "evacuation notice" not "evacuation order". Which means we don't have to leave yet but be ready to leave within a 1 hour notice when given. And I am definitely ready. I'm spending the night at my mom's and spending the days at the apt. but my cell phone is always with me so that is the best way to get ahold of me... or leave a message with my mom.
It's a little nutty around here with the roads all cut off. I went shopping yesterday and saw a woman with 8 gallons of milk (i happened to know who she is... she has a small family) what the heck is she thinking? then right after that I saw someone else with two carts of bread!!!!! come on buy a bag of flour. there is almost nowhere to buy water. again people use your head we can always boil and filter our water if it ever came to that (like Vancouver was doing) People are acting as if we will be cut off from the rest of the world for months. when it is likely only a few days to a week. but even if it goes a bit longer, if no one panics then we'll be fine... but you know how mob mentality works.
As for us we are fine, enjoying some family time and fun distractions like playing at Nana's, going to the swimming pool and other things.
There was an active logging road that people where using for emergencies (not me thank you. it's one lane logging road with logging trucks using it and I don't have a radio thingy in my van to know who's coming or going- silly me;-)
The water won't get to where we are staying but if it gets any higher we won't be able to go anywhere as the two road in and out of Queensway are close to the river my become impassable. Hence why I'm staying at my mom's at night.


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