Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Hi-ya Ju Jitsu chop!

If anyone got that text message on their cell phone that would be my silly husband. He sent it to some poor soul by accident. They were probably wondering who this lunatic message was from.

Well, Bl and B had their Ju Jitsu tournament at the end of November but I just never got around to sharing about it.
Bl looking all sweaty after a great match. Bl did really well in this tournament. One of his shining moments was he used a sub-mission and the person tapped out. Which means automatic win and everyone clapped and cheered... but did his mother see it?!? NO, for crying out loud!!! I had taken the little guys home early as being at the gym all day was a bit much, they were tired and I was trying to avert disaster. Well that's the last time I do that;-)
B finally looking my direction so I can get a picture that I can actually see him in. for some reason most of the ones we took of him are all action ones. Great pictures but unless you were there it's hard to tell who is who. He didn't a great job this tournament, it's a shame he didn't get more metals to prove it but it was really neat to watch it all coming together for him (learning sub-mission hold and trying to us them)
They had quite the cheering section Nana, Grandma, Auntie N, Uncle M, and their two cousins. All in all it was a good time had by everyone... But next time I'm bringing slippers no matter how silly I look.


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